Silver Lining Cabernet Franc 2019

The 2018 vintage proved to be the challenge of a decade, as harvest landed in the middle of one of the wettest stretches of weather in over a century of recorded weather history for New Jersey. Much of our red grapes couldn't ripen to meet yours and our expectations, and were reassigned to rosé for this vintage. By Spring 2019, this historic wet, humid stretch came to an end, and we were blessed with the best year in a decade. What a difference a year can make. The year to year variation in vintages is what makes east coast wine making so compelling. We wanted to bring a red wine from 2019 into the portfolio quickly, to slide into place where red wine from 2018 is missing. The 2019 'Silver Lining' Cabernet Franc is juicy, delicious, punchy, fun, and a new style for Unionville. This existence of this wine is a silver lining of the difficult 2018 vintage.

Let it be a reminder to all of us that every challenge, every struggle, every loss can have a silver lining if we look in the right places. 

The fruit character is the star in this unoaked Cabernet Franc, which was fermented slowly at cooler temperatures as whole berries to promote and preserve its punchy and brambly red fruit flavors. Gentle aging entirely in stainless steel makes for a bright and juicy palate, while the standout vintage provides plenty of texture and nuance to the wine. Drink slightly chilled with rustic preparations of lamb, duck, or venison. Or, try it with your favorite soft cheese and charcuterie. abv 13%


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