Harvest Dinner Series: The Ryland Inn

Third in our Harvest Dinner Series is The Ryland Inn! Friday, September 16th, 6pm. Held in the vineyard behind the 1858 Farmhouse, Chef Christopher Albrecht has prepared the following menu:

Hors d’oeuvres at 6pm
Shrimp Hush Puppies with Ryland honey
Grilled melon, herbs wrapped in prosciutto
Salmon Tartar, bronze fennel
Skewered Fig and Brie
pairings- 2021 Dry Rosé, 2021 Chardonnay

First Course at 6:30
Roasted Lions Mane Mushrooms
Parsley Root Puree, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit
Frisee, Castelvetrano Olives, Garden Herbs
Sarsaparilla, Speck
pairing- 2021 Hunterdon Mistral Rose

Grilled Cobia
Black and Tan Rice, Apple-Jalapeno Puree, Sea Beans
pairing- 2015 Home Vineyard Chardonnay

Roasted Duck Breast
Cauliflower Puree, Sunflower-Farro Ragu
Charred Leek & Tomato Confit
pairing- 2017 Hunterdon Mistral Rouge


Bison Cheeks
Yucca, Wild Blueberry Mostarda, Collard Greens, Blue Corn Crisp
pairing- 2010 The Big O

Ryland Paris-Brest
Jivara 40% chocolate mousse
Pistachio thyme craquelin
Raspberries, caramel and chocolate sauces
duet Wine pairing- Unionville 2021 Rosé Pétillant-Naturel  & Unionville Vat Series Port

Dinner is limited to 25 guests in the Farmhouse. Once we have the promise of fair weather, up to 50 guests will be invited to dine in the vineyard! Any guests preferring the vegetarian option must make this known upon purchasing tickets. Club members can write Andrew@unionvillevineyards.com for the code to purchase tickets at the $160 discounted rate.

Visitation Policies

Unionville Vineyards provides guests with a safe, comfortable environment to relax and enjoy fine wine in the serene countryside of pastoral Hunterdon County. With this vision in mind, several important updates to our hospitality policies have been put in place related to group size, children, dogs, food, & more. Please click here to read them before planning your visit to Unionville, to ensure a pleasant experience for all. Thank you.