Vat #27 Port Wine

The latest edition of our scrumptious, ebullient fortified red dessert wine is warm and cheerful as ever. This wine is blended from ten different vintages of Port production, spanning from 2009 to 2020. The younger vintages give fruitfulness and exuberance, the older years contribute tawny flavors that develop from many years of careful, gradual oxidation in barrel. These very different components to the wine result in layers of complexity. You might find red tootsie pop, crusty blueberry pie, oatmeal cookie, walnuts soaked in molasses and brandy, and even a gentle herbal note, like anise or marjoram. 125 cases produced 18.5% abv

Visitation Policies

Unionville Vineyards provides guests with a safe, comfortable environment to relax and enjoy fine wine in the serene countryside of pastoral Hunterdon County. With this vision in mind, several important updates to our hospitality policies have been put in place related to group size, children, dogs, food, & more. Please click here to read them before planning your visit to Unionville, to ensure a pleasant experience for all. Thank you.