Unionville's Wine Series

As the Unionville label has evolved, different grape varieties and terroir have naturally resulted in several different categories of wine designed to delight every taste and reward every expectation. Learn more about individual wines in our online store.

The George Series
George Washington is the Father of our country and an icon like no other. Because Unionville resides on such historic ground, we wanted to recognize and celebrate our forefathers with wines that pay homage to the remarkable gift they have given all Americans. The George Series showcases the early American grape varieties that were the foundation of winemaking in America. Our Heritage White, Revolutionary RedFields of Fire and Lafayette’s Pride offer easy to enjoy options to celebrate American heritage and taste some unique and pleasing wines and take home a little bit of American History.

The Fox Series
The Fox has always been a beloved symbol of the local environment and Unionville Vineyards. These beautiful animals now thrive here, due to local efforts to preserve their habitat. The Fox Series celebrates the natural beauty of the region and the natural bounty of the land. Unionville creates classic red and white favorites, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Dry Riesling, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in styles that are easy to enjoy alone or with casual or elegant cuisine.

The Artisan Series
The true hero of Unionville Vineyards is our winemaker. While single varietals have become well known, the true artisan crafts signature blends that inspire a very personal level of wine appreciation. No other label or brand will replicate these wines of the Artisan Series, which feature an inspired combination of tastes that awaken and delight the palette. These amazing, acclaimed wine creations cannot be found elsewhere as they are completely unique to Unionville. The Artisan series will vary year by year depending on the bounty of Mother Nature and the inspirations of the vine. The series includes the multi Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Winners of "The White Montage", "Cool Foxy Lady" a late harvest dessert wine, "Cam Jam" an elegant red blend and the very popular "The Big O", a bold red blend.

The Single Vineyard Series
Unionville Vineyards is dedicated to producing wines of world class quality through the union of art and science and we are committed to elevating New Jersey wines to a new level of distinction. Our Single Vineyard wines begin with uniquely planted estate vineyards featuring diverse terroir and exposures. Each is matched with hand selected vine stock of the highest quality including clones from some of the finest vineyards in the world. Each vine is painstakingly planted by hand on the perfectly matched terrior. Four to six years of care and cultivation follow before the possibility of a harvest worthy of this designation. Never guaranteed, when a wine of this quality is born, we will nurture its creation and Unionville Vineyards will offer an exclusive and highly limited release. Our Single Vineyard Series - Pheasant Hill Single Vineyard Chardonnay: "Gold Best in Class" winner of the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Pheasant Hill Pinot Noir, Unionville Home Single Vineyard Chardonnay, Mountain Road Single Vineyard Pinot Noir: Gold Medal Winner of the International Sommelier's Challenge, Unionville Vineyards very popular Port Vat #19.

Our Unionville wines are crafted by hand, celebrating and renewing the bounty of nature. Our wines were created for your enjoyment and we wish you Good Health and Good Cheer with every glass!