Fine Vine Club Membership

About Fine Vine Club
Our Fine Vine Club offers intimate access to our team and the opportunity to become part of an award-winning winery. With a Fine Vine Club membership you foster a plot (or multiple plots) of grapevines throughout the season. You'll get to see your vines during every major stage of growth, from budbreak to harvest. You can even choose the major grape varietal.

Benefits of Membership
Members are invited to special visitation days throughout the year. Bring along a picnic and enjoy some time in the vineyard with your plot. The club gathers quarterly for winemaker brunch socials, in the tasting room or right in the vineyard!
Members also receive complimentary tickets to our annual spring and fall festivals, special club events, and a special members-only wine, hand-signed by our winemaker Cameron Stark. 

Members can choose their fostered grapevine plots from our Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chambourcin vines at the Hilltop Vineyard on the Ringoes, NJ property.

Plot sizes vary:

  • Petite Plot of three vines ($150) receive 2 tickets to each festival and 1 bottle of Fine Vine Club wine
  • Demi-Grande Plot of six vines ($200)  receive 4 tickets to each festival and 2 bottles of Fine Vine Club wine
  • Grande Plot of twelve vines ($250)  receive 6 tickets to each festival and 4 bottles of Fine Vine Club wine
  • Imperial Plot of twenty four vines ($300)  receive 8 tickets to each festival and 6 bottles of Fine Vine Club wine

Membership begins January 1 and ends December 31. Please call the winery or email John Cifelli at for more information.


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