Unionville Grapevine

5 Reasons Harvest is the Most Wonderful Time of Year

September 18, 2014

1. The Grapes: I have unlimited access to delicious grapes. Fresh-picked wine grapes are juicier and more flavorful than anything you get in the grocery store. Even freshly-picked, each clone of Pinot Noir tastes unique. Each type highlights a different flavor profile, and when blended, the result is an aromatic and complex wine (hint: keep an eye out for our Pinot Noir reserve). These fresh grapes are so delicious I don’t even mind the seeds! Freshly-harvested Pinot Noir grapesFun Fact: Assistant winemaker Stephen Johnsen reminds us how Pinot Noir got its name: the French word Pinot for pine cone, because the tight little bunches look like pine cones, and Noir for the dark skins.Fun Fact: Our winemakers examine the seeds... Continue Reading →

Meet the Chefs: Matt McPherson of Matt's Red Rooster

July 31, 2014

Unionville's Phil Moran interviews the chefs at our outlets and restaurant clients. These pieces are not intended to be restaurant reviews. Rather, they showcase the relationships we have with others in the local food and wine industry.  This first piece highlights the longstanding relationship we have with Matt McPherson of Matt's Red Rooster in Flemington. We enjoy working with Matt and others who appreciate the value of fine wine, good food, and great meals shared with friends and family.   ~Stacy Brody, Operations Coordinator, Unionville Vineyards   When Flemington native Matt McPherson came home to open his own restaurant Matt's Red Rooster Grill, his intention was not to create a great grill room. Like most CIA (Culinary Institute of America) graduates, Matt’s... Continue Reading →