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Unionville Grapevine

Wine Cellar Chronicles: Racking Wine

November 22, 2014

Just in time for the holidays, the last of Unionville Vineyards’ 2014 red wine has gone through the final racking process! It is amazing to see the grape’s lifecycle.  First, the beautiful fruit comes in hand-picked off the vine. Next, it is mashed and goes through primary fermentation. Now you have fermenting grape juice, with skins and seeds, or what is known as grape must. After this, we begin to rack the wine, using a pump to move the wine from container to container. This could be barrel to tank, tank to tank, or tank to barrel. While fermenting, the sugars are reduced, alcohol starts to form, and the juice starts to acquire the characteristics of a young wine.  During this process,dead yeast and remaining grape... Continue Reading →